AppLogic Bootcamp Day 1

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Today was the first day of the AppLogic Bootcamp, and the partners and users that attended are recieving training in using and operating grids. With the success of the Bootcamp we’ll be adding additional venues soon.

AppLogic Bootcamp

Grid University Extended with AppLogic Bootcamp

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As our ecosystems of partners around the world grows, we want to ensure we’re providing the most up to date technical and market data to help service providers succeed. The latest addition is AppLogic Bootcamp, an intensive three-day hands-on training program for IT professionals who maintain and provision AppLogic based cloud computing infrastructure. The course is designed specifically to give service providers and advanced enterprise users a deep and clear understanding of the features and capabilities this powerful cloud computing platform provides.

Specifically designed for IT Administrators, Data Center Staff, System Administrators, Systems Integrators

At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
− Install AppLogic in local and remote datacenters
− Add and remove resources
− Obtain and apply hot-fixes
− Integrate external hardware into cloud systems
− Use metering data for billing and charge-backs
− Perform crash recovery and debugging
− Configure a virtual run-book
− Build and use appliances
− Create template applications

Course attendees should be familiar with datacenter OSs, Linux command line utilities/operations such as yum, screen, vi, ifconfig, ping, nslookup, ssh, rsync and scp. In addition, attendees should have knowledge of:
− L2 and L3 networking configuration, routing, VLAN and STP
− Use of public key-based authentication for ssh access to servers
− SSL certificates and DNS setup
− Disk layout, partitioning schemas, RAID configurations
− Local and remote server management

When and Where
The first Bootcamp will be June 23 through 25, 2009 at the Double Tree Hotel in Irvine, CA and you can sign up here.

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