673 days, 17 hours, 53 minutes … and counting

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Once in a while, as you go about the routines of a normal workday, a number jumps out of the stream of consciousness and catches your attention. That’s exactly what happened today while one of our support engineers was working with a client on a new application. When checking system status he suddenly realized the client’s private cloud had been running continuously for almost two years.

While two years uptime in IT isn’t earth shattering, in the realm of cloud computing two years uninterupted service is noteworthy. IMHO that’s particularly true in a week that’s seen a couple private cloud announcements hard on the heels of another recent cloud outage. Private clouds aren’t simply about network addresses, they’re about control. It’s about giving the operations team the ability to affect uptime for their application.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that when we originally introduced the concept of private clouds many folks scoffed. Blog posts declared “If it’s not public, it’s not a cloud!” As this cloud turns two, though, pressure from users has made the need for security and control of operations clear. More vendors are looking to offer private clouds and the resulting competition will produce better services for clients. Next year, as this cloud turns three, I expect we’ll see a much broader set of applications in the cloud as a result.

Just in case you’re wondering if this cloud is an anomally, the second longest continuously running AppLogic private cloud is at 559 days . . . and counting. 

Longest Coninuously Operating Private Cloud, August 2009

East Coast AppLogic Bootcamp Scheduled

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We had a great turn out at the Cloud Operators AppLogic Bootcamp, with a great deal of interest in another from folks for who weren’t able to attend. Therefore, we’re excited to announce the next AppLogic Bootcamp will be October 13th to 15th in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This time we’ll be focusing on building, operating, and scaling your applications in the cloud:

Day 1: Basic AppLogic for Cloud Applications
Take full advantage of the AppLogic platform to design, architect and deploy applications. It also provides an introduction to the AppLogic architecture, appliance and application template catalog. Topics include:

Day 2: Intermediate AppLogic for Cloud Applications
Learn how to monitor, scale, customize and provide fault tolerance for applications.

Day 3: Advanced AppLogic for Cloud Applications
Create custom catalog appliances and templates as well as advanced labs.

You can get more information or sign up here.

3tera Welcomes Bill Coleman

You may or may not have seen the recent press release.  Bill Coleman, IT/Silicon Valley luminary, Founder and CEO of BEA Systems, has joined 3Tera’s Advisory Board.

Yes, this alone is a great testimonial to what we have accomplished in our field.  Getting dignitaries such as Bill does not come easy.  But here’s the best part – this has a lot more than just marquee value (and I doubt that Bill would have joined us if all we wanted was marquee value).  Bill, especially since his most recent stint as Founder and CEO of Cassatt Systems, is an extremely knowledgeable visionary in the area of utility and Cloud Computing; and, data center automation.

So, Bill will be extremely valuable, reviewing and tweaking both our business plans and technology as we forge ahead to maintain our lead at enabling Cloud Computing in enterprises and service providers.

Needless to say, we are extremely happy to have Bill on Board.

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