3tera Announces AppStore for Cloud Computing Appliances

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To be succesful in any endeavor you have to have the right tools. That old adage remains true whether you’re building a house, flying a plane, taking a picture, writing code or running a data center. For those in the latter catagory, though, cloud computing has changed the landscape. We’ve come to depend upon vendors and applications that form standard building blocks of our infrastructure, from firewalls to web servers. AppLogic was written with this in mind, of course, which is why we built our cloud without introducing new APIs for networking and storage, so you could use a broader set of apps. Now, however, we’re going to take it a step further.

3tera today announced AppStore, the next step in our Cloudware architecture announced last year. AppStore  will extend the AppLogic appliance catalog, opening it up to ISVs who want to publish their own appliances.  When fully operational in Q3, AppStore will appear as a standard part of your AppLogic catalog, always up to date with links to support and documentation for each appliance. You’ll be able to drag and drop any appliance into your applications and AppLogic will fetch it for you from the AppStore, and automatically let the publisher know about you so you can get updates and support.

For ISVs this AppStore presents new markets for their applications in cloud computing. For users, whether they’re using AppLogic in a public cloud through one of our data center partners or in a private cloud, AppStore will provide access to cutting edge tools from trusted vendors.

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