3Tera moves blog to WordPress on a grid

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After 2 years+ of showing people how to run WordPress on a grid, we finally bit the bullet and moved our own blog on WordPress. On a grid, of course.

As advertised, the process was smooth and easy — the WordPress famous 5 minute install worked on the standard LAMP cluster infrastructure from AppLogic. Five minutes flat (here’s how).

The rest of the two late nights on the weekend were dedicated, of course, to style sheets, plugins and porting the contents over. Much to my amazement, the process was way easier than I expected.

  • The stylesheets (aka themes) in WordPress are simple to set up, yet powerful — probably the easiest to set up among all the web apps I have used. (Of course, the word easy is cautiously applied to anything that has to do with CSS, but that wasn’t WordPress’s fault; and, big thanks to Firebug!).
  • The plugin model in WordPress is install-by-file-copy (remember the old DOS days?) while still activation is from the GUI — simply brilliant combination.
  • Pouring in the contents — 114 posts dating back to December 2005 — took a bit of work; the easiest way I found was through simulating WordPress import: simple XML, only a few fields were really necessary, the rest WordPress seemed to fill in itself (e.g., I set only the post_date and WordPress autofilled the post_date_gmt; the only surprise was the post_status — must be set explicitly to publish; in hindsight, this could have been fixed with a single checkbox from the manage posts panel). Part of the time was, of course, spent reading some of the old posts — equal bits nostalgic and refreshing.

Overall, quite enjoyable. After the 4-conferences week (aka, the cloud computing conference week plus LTPact) and a lot of talking, talking and talking, it was great to get something done with my own two hands (and two keyboards). There is something really rewarding, in the sense of instant gratification, in putting up web applications and tailoring them to work exactly as you want them (PHP, while not the best language ever, is nearly the perfect instant gratification language, no offense to Ruby).

As a result, now all public facing infrastructure of 3Tera runs on the grid, as does almost all of our internal infrastructure. A shout out to the good folks at SiteKreator for taking our web site all the way to here — we are still running some personal sites on it and I will most definitely set up the first web site of my next startup there again.

Now, I wish our blog would become as popular as to deserve some of the more advanced infrastructure we have for LAMP applications — self-scaling based on load and remote replication. We’ll get there. In the meantime, to those who need such infrastructure today, it is easily available.

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