Apple’s Trump Card

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I got into this industry back in 1979 when I bought an Apple II and was instantly hooked on computers. So I’ve bought Apple products and watched the company with great interest for nearly three decades. Like many who’d grown up with Apple I was frustrated watching the company lose it’s hold on the market. (Do you remember when 2/3 of all internet servers were Macs?) And I was thrilled when Steve returned to the helm and made Apple a household name with the iPod.

Like many other folks I’d come to the conclusion that kids’ love of the iPod combined with the movement away from packaged software to SaaS was breaking Microsoft’s 20 year strangle-hold on the desktop. Perhaps, though, Steve isn’t waiting.

Gary Morgenthaler
speculated on GigaOM yesterday that
“. . . the Spaces feature of the forthcoming Lepoard version of OS X ” . . . “could allow you to seamlessly switch between Mac OS/X and MS Windows with a single keystroke.”

This is a tall order, even for Apple. However, if Apple were to attempt this, the correct solution wouldn’t be to run an OS X instance and a Vista instance, each with multiple applications. This would be like having two computers with a single monitor. Rather, Apple could enable applications to be installed into virtual appliances the same way we at 3tera do in the data center. The difference, is that each virtual appliance would run a single application. As a result, you wouldn’t switch between OS/X and Windows with a keystroke, but rather as you move between applications.

This is a longshot, but speculation is a fun sport.

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