Utility computing, a cause celeb?

Filed under: Random Thoughts — barmijo — February 2, 2006 @ 12:00 am

Well, not quite yet.

However, on the trip to work yesterday morning I was flipping radio stations when I heard someone talking about running out the previous night to get servers and add them to their network. It was unusual enough that I stopped to listen, and to my surprise the speaker was Rush Limbaugh. That’s right, Rush was talking about servers ON THE AIR!

For several minutes Rush detailed the trouble his subscription service had been having since the holidays. Too many users. Too many downloads. Too many postings. Performance was suffering and users were complaining. Time to call in some extra help to add more servers to the system.

Now, whatever any of us may think of Rush’s politics, the mere fact that he knows what a server is and that he felt his audience would listen for ten minutes as he detailed the episode tells us just how mainstream such issues have become. Not too long ago I had trouble explaining to my relatives what I did for a living, now server upgrades are mainstream enough to make it on AM talk radio.

The upshot is that in just a few short years the problems of IT complexity have come to affect our everyday life. Unfortunately, the skills needed to deal with the underlying causes are still scarce. As a result, adding a few servers still calls for a late night session and makes it on the air.

I bring this up in this forum only because, had Rush been using utility computing, they could have dealt with the increase in traffic in less time than it took Rush to describe on the air.

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